Na Sun Mitran Da (Karan Randhawa) Song – Download Mr Jatt mp3 in High Definition [HD] Free

Na Sun Mitran Da is the Latest Punjabi song, the music of which is given by Ranjit while Lyrics are written by Prince Bhullar featuring Karan Randhawa. The music video of the song is directed by Satti Dhillon. In this article, you are providing you the complete information about Na Sun Mitran Da Song.

Song Credits Details

  • Track Title: Na Sun Mitran Da
  • Song Duration: 03:11 mins
  • Music Composer: Ranjit
  • Lyricist: Prince Bhullar
  • Music Label: Geet Mp3
  • Out on: 13 July 2019
  • Video Directed by: Satti Dhillon
  • Source: Mr Jatt Com
  • Bit Rate: 320kbps

Download Na Sun Mitran Da Song mp3 Mr Jatt in 320kbps HD Free

Na Sun Mitran Da song was out on 13 July 2019. On the same day, its official video was out on YouTube on Geet mp3 channel. It has been two days since the video is out on YouTube and the video is still trending at No.4 position on YouTube India. Na Sun Mitran Da Video has been viewed 3,659,332 times on YouTube, as of now. Let’s have a look at the lyrics of this new Punjabi song.

Song Lyrics

Ho na sun mitran da (x2)

Dasvi ch pehli vaari case hoya si

Sidha jaake jatt thaane pesh hoya si

Bann’de si jehde mere muhre fukrey

Court vich jaake si gawaahi mukre

Ho saale mere tere pind de (x2)

Jihna kar ke si paye puware

Na sun mitran da

Dil ch na veham rakh layi (x2)

Bhavein vekh layi parakh ke naare

Na sun mitran da haan

Ho dooji vaari 452 ja laggi si

Vairiyan de ghare jaake latt banni si

Jatt nu si thoda thoda light lain de oh

Si pitth piche roz mainu mahda kehnde jo

Ho phirde si hath bann de

Ho phirde si maafi mangde

Jad din main dikhate taare

Na sun mitran da

Ho na sun mitran da

Tere area ch kampde ne saare (x2)

Dil ch na vehm rakh layi

Dil ch na vehm rakh layi

Bhawein vekh layi parkh ke naare

Na sun mitran da haan

Taare taare taare (x2)

Ho dab ch glock rakhda

Dab ch glock rakhda

Jatt rakhda ae tere maare

Tu fikar na kar jattiye

Fikar na kari jattiye

Jatt ud’da ae rab de sahare

Note: You can download or play online the above song for which we have just given the lyrics above from the below link.

Na Sun Mitran Da Karan Randhawa Song – Download Here

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