How to Give a Good Presentation in College

Conducting a presentation is a way of checking the knowledge and level of confidence in Students. It is a strategy to build student confidence. Students are asked to prepare a presentation so that they will not hesitate to give a presentation in their working life. Time management is very important in a presentation. Some students come prepared for their presentation while some of them take it lightly. Only those who come prepared with the presentation are the ones who receive appreciation. In a Presentation, a Student is allowed to give his views on a topic.  Preparation of a presentation should be done very carefully as it is going to provide them good marks.

How to Give a Good Presentation in College

Here we are giving some tips which will help you in giving a good presentation in your college.

1) Come Prepared

A work completed with preparation always gets you closer to success. Without preparation, you won’t get success. Start with your preparation a week before the day of the presentation. Search the topic given to you in a presentation carefully. You can take help from various sources like internet, books, magazines etc. You can also take help from the students who are also asked to prepare a presentation. Search about the introduction of the topic, its main body, its advantage and disadvantage and the conclusion. Confidence is all you need, Students are nothing with confidence. Even if you are not feeling confident, pretend as if you are confident. If you have done preparation with all your effort, you will have the confidence to give a good presentation. Give your presentation in a way that audience will never forget you and your presentation.

2) Keep an Eye Contact with the Audience

You are giving a presentation to the audience so keep an eye contact with them. Eye contact helps in maintaining the social interaction with an audience. They will also take interest in your presentation. You should keep moving your eyes to the whole lot of audience. Keeping your eyes stick only to the front seat audience won’t help you as the back seat audience will feel like you have no interest in them. Therefore, it is better to keep an eye contact with the audience. An eye contact can be made much better from a stage. If someone is distracting you, just turn your face away from him. There is also the other part of the audience to look at.

3) Keep Calm and have Confidence

There is no need to get nervous and excited. Just have confidence in yourself while giving a presentation. Overconfidence and Underconfidence ruins a well-prepared presentation. Even if you have worked hard for your presentation, don’t let overconfidence ruin your whole presentation by getting excited. Give answer to questions raised by audience calmly. Even if you have prepared 6 slides in your presentation, keep the knowledge of 60 slides in relation to the topic.

4) Maintain the Interest

You can only grab the attention of audience if you keep the interest in the topic. Don’t feel lazy at the time of giving a presentation. If you give your presentation with full of your energy, the audience will show interest in your presentation. Make the topic interesting. Try relating it to the real-life situation to gain the interest of the audience in your topic. Ask for their opinions in relation to the content of your presentation. Keep your every content of a topic in a way that will help make your presentation interesting. Without the interest of an audience, you can’t force them to listen to your presentation. You can try to build their interest by preparing slides with designs in it. Use images and diagrams in your slides to make it more interesting.

5) Make better use of your Voice and Gesture

This is the most important thing that needs to be taken care of while giving a presentation. The way you speak at the time of presentation leaves a great impact on the audience. To make your presentation more appealing to the audience, involve the use of your hands and expressions too. The presenter should speak in a way to make his voice reach the whole audience including the ones seating at the back side. The voice of presenter should be audible to everyone.

6) Keep a time for Question session at the end of Presentation

Keep a time at the end of the presentation for question session. Ask the audience if there is anything not understood. If Yes, Give answer to the questions in the best way you can. Don’t get nervous at that time. Don’t go out of the question topic. Keep your answers simple and clear. Never ask a question from the person who is raising a question. Don’t forget to ask for feedback from them as it is a way to improve your presentation skill. Keeping their feedback in mind, you will be able to give a good presentation next time.

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