300+ Important General Knowledge Questions pdf download

General Knowledge Questions – Download 300+ Imp. GK Ques. pdf

In this article, we present you the General Knowledge Questions Book pdf. We try our best to deliver you the best learning material daily. Many aspirants are looking for  General Knowledge Hindi Notes pdf, that is the reason why we have brought PDF of 300+ Imp. GK questions. You can easily download the ebook pdf by hitting the download button given below.

General Knowledge Questions – Download 300+ Imp. GK Ques. pdf free

These सामान्य ज्ञान प्रश्न notes are very helpful in preparing for Banking Exam, UPPCS, Railways and SSC. Almost 3 or 4 questions is seen in the question paper from these notes.

General Knowledge Questions 

Ques. 1. Apart from India, on August 15, Independence Day and which country celebrate on the same day?
Ans. North Korea
Ques. 2. Which country that has never been a slave to anyone till date?
Ans.: Nepal

Ques. 3. How many countries are the world?
Ans.: 195

Ques. 4. Which is the largest mosque in the world?
Ans.: Almalvaya (Iraq)

Ques. 5. In which country does the world have no temple?
Ans.: Saudi Arabia

Ques. 6. Which is the world’s largest ocean?
Ans.: Pacific Ocean

Ques. 7. Which country has the most stringent laws in the world?
Ans.: Saudi Arabia

Ques. 8. What is the world’s largest wall?
Ans.: Great Wall of China (China Wall)

Ques. 9. Which President gets the highest salary in the world?
Ans.: US President

Ques. 10. Which is the country where the country does not have a name on the postage stamp?
Ans.: Great Britain

Ques. 11. What is the national flower of India?
Ans.: Lotus

Ques. 12. Teacher’s Day is celebrated?
Ans.: 5 September

Ques. 13. When was the atom bomb dropped on Japan?
Ans.: 1945

Ques. 14. When World War was fought?
Ans.: 1914-1918 AD

Ques. 15. Who was the author of the National Anthem “Jana Gana Mana” of India?
Ans.: Mr. Rabindranath Tagore

Ques. 16. Who was the author of the famous epic “Mahabharata”?
Ans.: Mr. Vedavas

Ques. 17. Where does the Himsagar Express run between the two places?
Ans.: From Jammu to Kanyakumari

Ques. 18. “General” is an official post of which army?
Ans.: Army

Ques. 19. In which state of India is the sacred pilgrimage “Amarnath” located?
Ans.: Jammu and Kashmir

Ques. 20. Gulmarg Famous traveler aim is located in which Indian state?
Ans.: Kashmir

300+ Important General Knowledge Hindi Questions pdf download Link

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