Bilaspur Nagar Nigam Election Result 2019

Bilaspur Nagar Nigam Election Result 2019 – See Chattisgarh Urban Body Live Updates Here

Raipur, agency: Counting of Chhattisgarh’s municipal elections is going on. Counting is going on for 151 bodies in the state. In this, there is a close fight between the ruling Congress and the main opposition party BJP. Of the 10 municipal corporations, both parties are leading five-on-five. Independents have come to a decisive role in some city councils. Competition in other bodies is also interesting. This time the voting has been done through ballot paper. At the same time, mayors and presidents are to be elected from among the elected councilors, due to this, manipulative politics has also started with the result.

It is worth noting that in Chhattisgarh, counting of votes is going on in 10 municipal corporations and 38 Municipalities. Initially, according to the results coming out, the Congress is ahead of the BJP. Back-to-back votes of the candidates of the Janata Congress and other political parties are also seen. Elections were held in 10 municipal corporations of the state, Raipur, Dhamtari, Durg, Bilaspur, Raigarh, Korba, Ambikapur, Chirmiri and Jagdalpur.

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  • In Rajnandgaon district, there is a close fight between BJP and Congress. According to the results of the counting of body elections so far, BJP is leading in 22 wards, Congress 22 and other 7 wards. The counting of votes still continues.
  • The contest of corporation elections in Raipur is becoming interesting. Out of the 70 wards here, Congress on 30, BJP on 28 and Janata Congress on 2 and others on 10 wards. This is the situation until 5 pm. The counting of votes still continues.

According to the information received from Bilaspur, according to the results till 5 pm, BJP has increased in 34 wards, Congress 33 and 3 other wards. The counting of votes still continues. Sometimes results can be announced.

  • Raigarh – Independent Shyamlal won from ward number 40 in a thorn collision.
  • Independence Neeta Jain 760 from ward number 38 of Durg Nigam and Mandeep Bhatia of Congress from ward seven won by a margin of five hundred votes.

BJP’s Narendra Banjare won from Durg Ward No. 3 by a margin of 863 votes.

Congress won the post of Nagar Palika Parishad President by winning 9 wards of Arang Nagar Palika Parishad. An independent candidate won in one ward.

Shekhar Chandrakar of BJP won from ward number 10 of Durg with a margin of 1445 votes.

Raigarh update: Ward number 1- Prabhati Mahapatre of Congress won by 42 votes.

Ward number 31 – Congress’s Sanjay Chauhan wins

Ward No. 4: Congress wins Janaki Karju 481

Ward No 17 – Congress’s invincible warrior Chairman Salim Niriya won by 310 votes

– Nandini Darve of Congress won from Ward 48 in Bilaspur .

– Congress has won after 15 years in Pali Nagar Panchayat . It has got 11 seats in its account.

– Congress wins in Surajpur and BJP wins Ramanujganj

– Congress got an edge in the election of Bhilai ‘s Nagar Panchayat Patan. Here Congress has won 12 wards, BJP in 2 and Independents in one.

– BJP has captured 8 seats in Barsur Nagarpanchayat.

The result has also come on the Ahiwara Municipality Council of Durg district .The seat is occupied by BJP.

9 BJP, 7 Congress and 4 Independents in Korba’s Deepka Municipal Council

The election results of all the wards of Korba Municipality Council Deepka have been revealed. In this body of 21 wards, 9 wards have come to BJP’s account, while 7 wards have been won by Congress. Independent candidates have won in 4 wards, while 1 ward has gone to BSP account.

BJP occupation in Bemetara Municipality

There are a total of 21 wards in this municipality. In this, the Congress won on 9, while on 12, the BJP buried its victory flag.

BJP occupied Raipur’s Municipal Council

BJP has occupied 8 seats of Mana Nagar Panchayat with 15 seats in Raipur, remaining 5 are occupied by Congress and 2 seats by independents. Significantly, the current BJP President and BJP candidate Shyama Chakraborty did not win the victory and had to face defeat.

Congress wins from Gidam Nagar Panchayat of Dantewada

Congress has won unilaterally in Gidam Nagar Panchayat of Dantewada. With this, the Congress has won 10 out of the 15 seats of the Nagar Panchayat, while the BJP seems to be limited to two seats. Independents have got three seats.

BJP wins in Korba’s knife art

Hiranand Panjwani has won, while his wife Renu Panjwani has lost. Please tell that the BJP gave tickets to both husband and wife from here. Rajkumar Aggarwal and his wife Madhu Agarwal were given tickets on behalf of the Congress, in which wife Madhu Aggarwal won but husband Rajkumar lost. Mahendra Singh Rajput and his wife Shobha Rajput were also in the fray from the BJP this time but both were defeated. BJP’s Radhu Binjhwar has lost this time, who was on the councilor’s seat for the last 6 times. His brother’s wife Sushila was also defeated.

Ratan Mittal of Congress won by 2 votes in Korba

BJP candidate Virendra Jaiswal conducted a re-counting of votes after winning by one vote of Congress candidate and former president Ratan Mittal in Vivekanand Nagar from Ward-5 of Katghora Municipal Council of Korba. Ratan Mittal won by 2 votes in the second time count.

BJP won by 1 vote from Ward-5 of Dantewada, counting again on Congress demand

Re-counting is being done at ward number 5 of Dantewada. Here there was a difference of victory by just one vote. Congress candidate Laxmi Narayan has again applied for the counting of votes. Counting will start again in a while. BJP candidate Pankaj Sharma has won here.

Results of Rajnandgaon

The number of BJP candidates is more in the results so far in the municipal elections in Rajnandgaon. Ajay of BJP from Ward-2, Ranju Yadav of BJP from Ward-8, Shiv Verma of BJP from Ward-9, Satish Christ of Congress from Ward-14, Kisun Yadu of BJP from Ward-19, Independent Pinky from Ward-21 Sahu, BJP’s Uttam Damle from Ward-29, Gappu Sonkar of BJP from Ward-31, Vinay Jha of Congress from Ward-15 and Paras Verma of BJP from Ward-16.

Bijapur municipality results

The results of Bijapur municipality have also been declared. Here Congress has won 13 out of 15 wards and BJP on only 3. Ward 1 – BJP’s Nandkishore Rana won, Ward 2 – Congress’s Laxman Kadati won, Ward 3- Congress’s Rambati Majhi won, Ward 4- Benhur Rawatya Congress won, Ward 5- Congress’s Sahil Tigga Winned, Ward 6- Congress’s Sonmati Tati won, Ward 7- Congress’s Purushottam Sallur’s victory, Ward 8- Congress’s Jitendra Hemla’s victory, Ward 9- Congress’s Kavita Yadav Winnings, Ward 10- Congress’s Kalam Khan’s victory, Ward 11- BJP’s Sanjay’s victory, Ward 12- Congress’s Lalitha Bush’s victory, Ward 13- Congress’s Pravin Dongre’s victory, Ward 14- Congress’ Deepika Pandey’s victory, Ward 15 – BJP’s Ghasiram Nag’s victory.

– The results of Mahasamund’s Pithora Nagar Panchayat elections have come out. In the elections held in 15 wards, Congress has won eight seats, Independents five and Bharatiya Janata Party two seats. In this way, Congress is ruling in Pithora Nagar Panchayat with majority.

BJP and Congress in Raipur

There is a ruckus between the BJP and the Congress in Raipur. Raipur Municipal Corporation Mayor Pramod Dubey is also following, everyone is surprised by this trend. In the Raipur Municipal Corporation, many of the mayor’s contenders are lagging behind. The shocking thing is that both the BJP and the Congress have to undergo a tough test of the public. The contenders for the post of Mayor are Sanjay Srivastava, Rajeev Agarwal, Suryakant Rathore, Mrityunjay Dubey, Subhash are following. At the same time, Congress’ Dnyanesh Sharma and Jaggu Thakur are trailing. However, Ijaz Dhebar, Satnam Panag are leading from Maulana Rauf Ward.Amitesh Bhardwaj from Ward No. 11 of Raipur has maintained a consistent lead over Sanjay Srivastava.

Congress’ Namrata Bhaskar Yadav ahead of Ward 17 of Nehru Nagar in Bilaspur. In the counting of votes so far, Congress 286 and BJP are on 199 votes. It looks like the Congress will win here too.

Durg Municipal Corporation Election Results

Ward-30 Bhola Mahobia 30 votes, Ward-31 to Madan Jain 186 votes, Ward-29 to Independent Babita 121 votes, Ward-28 to BJP Lotus 112 votes, Ward-27 to Congress Manish Baghel 273 votes, Ward-26 From Congress Satyavati Verma 307 votes, ward-40 to Independent Deep Mala forward, Ward-41 to Congress Hamid Khokhar by 128 votes, Ward-42 to Congress’s Mani Geete by 200 votes, Ward-43 to Congress’s Deepak Sahu by 4 votes. , Ward – 44 to Prakash Joshi of Jogi Congress 94 Ahead of votes, ward 45 to BJP 200 votes ahead, ward 46 to Congress 158 votes ahead, ward 47 to independent Kavita Tandi ahead of 131 votes, ward 48 to Congress 243 votes ahead, ward 49 to 49 Congress ahead by 6 votes, Ward 54 ahead of Congress 500 votes, Ward 50 ahead of Congress 150 votes, Ward 51 ahead of Congress, Ward 52 and 53 ahead of BJP, Ward 37 and 38 ahead of BJP. Rebel forward

Jashpur: Nagar Panchayat Garden Body Election Results 2019

Ward 1- Ramnivas Gupta (Independent), Ward 2- Bhagwat Mishra (BJP), Ward 3- Jagasay (BJP), Ward 4 – Shobhika Jaiswal (Independent), Ward 5 – Madhusudan Bhagat (Independent), Ward 6 – Tahir Chishti ( BJP), Ward 7 – Geeta Sinha (Congress), Ward 8 – Sunita Sharma (BJP), Ward 9 – Asha (BJP), Ward 10 – Pranna Thawait (Independent), Ward 11 – Balram Nagesh (BJP), Ward 12 – Pramod Gupta (Congress), Ward 13 – Kanti Kayastha (Kang) Cres), Ward 14 – Bihari Lal Nag (BJP), Ward 15 – Dr CD Bakhala (Independent)

The Congress got a majority in Balrampur, the only municipal council of Balrampur district, where 8 of the Congress, 4 of the BJP and three of the Independent councilors have been elected. In the past, the BJP was occupied here. Outgoing president Rabika Ekka and her husband Lodhi Ekka have suffered defeat.

For the first time, Pali Nagar Panchayat will get the president of Congress

Congress is dominating the Nagar Panchayat. Out of the 15 wards of Geedam Nagar Panchayat in Dantewada, Congress has won 10, BJP 2 and Independents 3 wards. On the other hand, Congress has won 11 out of 15 wards of Pali Nagar Panchayat of Korba, BJP candidates have won in only 4. For the first time Pali Nagar Panchayat will get the President of Congress. The same situation exists in the Churi Nagri Panchayat. Here too, 8 out of 15 wards have been captured by Congress candidates, 5 by BJP and independents in 2 wards. However, BJP has captured 8 of the 15 wards of Rajpur Nagar Panchayat in Balrampur. Here 6 have gone to the account of Congress and one Independent.

Independents ahead in many places

Currently, Congress candidates are leading in more places. Independents are ahead in many places. In Raipur, Congress is ahead in 38 wards, BJP in 23 and Independents in 7. The count of postage letters has been completed here. Of the 15 wards of Mahasamund’s Pithora Nagar Panchayat, only 2 wards have come from Congress, 5 for Independents and BJP from 8 wards.

10 municipal corporations, 38 municipalities and 103 nagar panchayats

Let us know that voting was held in ten municipal corporations, 38 municipalities and 103 nagar panchayats of Chhattisgarh, whose results will be declared today. There have been 2,840 voting for the councilor in the state. The fate of 10 thousand 161 candidates is to be decided. The result of the bodies is likely to be delayed due to ballot paper voting. Actually, EVMs have not been used this time in voting. One reason for this was the questions arising on EVMs. In such a situation, all the results are expected only by late evening.

On an average 78.73 percent voting

There are a total of 151 urban bodies of Chhattisgarh. Among these, 10 municipal corporations, 38 municipalities and 103 Nagar panchayats had an average of 78.73 percent voting. This voting percentage would be considered good. All preparations for counting of votes have been completed. According to the information received from the State Election Commissioner’s office, counting of by-elections in two municipal bodies along with 151 bodies will begin at 8 am. First, the postal ballots will be counted, after which the ballot boxes will be opened.

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