AP MLC Voter Online Form Registration 2018

AP MLC Voter Form 18 – Register Online | Graduate Constituency

Andra Pradesh MLC Voter Online Registration Form: AP CEO is seeking application form of MLC voter 2018. All the Interested and Suitable candidates can apply for form-18 by filling the online e-registration form-18 at any Electoral Registration Officers or Designated Officers.

AP MLC Voter Online Registration Form 18 Details

1. As per the Registration of Electors Rules, 1960’s Rule 31(3), every ERO whose name is mentioned in the 1st Schedule below should invite each and every candidate qualified to get his/her name register in the Constituency’s Electoral Roll of the  specified to forward at his place before on or the last date Feb 9, 2019 at the Applications Form 18 annexed to the registering of Electors Rules, 1960 and reprinted in the schedule 2 beneath, to get his/her name written.

2. The candidate must send the application form the assigned Designated Officers / ERO whose name is given in the 1st Schedule. You can fill the registration form online at ceoandhra.nic.in.

Every time, On or before an election, there is a need to prepare again the electoral rolls for the Graduates’ Voters. All the Voters whose names are already written in the present electoral rolls are also required to re-submit new application form in the guided format.

AP MLC Voter Registration Eligibility Criteria

  • The candidate must be a citizen of India plus he must be a resident in the electorate for a minimum of 3 years before 1 Nov 2018.
  • Candidate must have completed his/her Graduation in any stream or equivalent from a University recognized by the Govt. of India.

You can check or go through the list of the mentioned above equivalent qualifications from the officers given in the 1st schedule under or from the portal link E-Registration |> council Constituency |> Form-18”. The 3 years period will be calculated from the date of announcement of qualifying degree examination result.

How to register online for AP MLC Voter Form 2018

The Form 18 Application (given at 2nd Schedule) must have the support of any of the given documentary proof in all situations given under and Assembly Constituency’s EPIC no and a photo.

Form 18 Download (To add your Name in the APLC Graduates’ Electoral Roll List)

For e-registration – Click here

Documents required for MLC voter

  • Degree
  • Voter Id
  • Photo

a) A photostat of the degree from any University recognized by Govt. of India should bes attested and duly verified with the original by the ERO / Additional Designated Officer / Gazetted Officer / Designated Officer/ Notary Public of the involved district.

b) A photostat of a record in the Govt. List or a Graduate employee’s certificate given by the Gazetted Head of Office/ Any Institutional based on listings in Govt documents in his keeping. You can also show an entry photostat copy in the report of Regulatory bodies, Public Sectors Units, mentioning the degree, owned by the candidate, duly signed and verified by the Concerned Office Head.

c) An Attested and Verified Photostat Registration Card, a verified copy of the related entry in the Registered Graduates’list, the Register of Chartered Accountants, the Medical Practitioners Register, the Advocates Roll, the Engineers Register reported by Institute of Engineers etc.

d) You can show an Affidavit backed by the Certificate from the Registrar or Principal of the College affiliated to University or from the HOD of your college.

e) A photostat of the mark sheet given by your Institute or University duly signed and verified by the ERO / Additional Designated Officer / Gazetted Officer / Designated Officer/ Notary Public of the involved district. Only After rigorous confirmation of the documents with the originals, candidate will be accepted

AP MLC Voter Online Form Registration 2018 Schedule (Revision)

1Release of public notice under Rule 31(3) of the Electors Rules for Registration, 19601 October 2018 (Monday)
21st republishing notice in Newspapers under Rule 31(4) of the Electors Rules for Registration, 196015 October 2018 (Monday)
32nd republishing notice in Newspapers under Rule 31(4) of the Electors Rules for Registration, 196025 October 2018 (Thursday)
4End date to take a receipt of applications Form 18Closing Date to register for MLC Voters in Guntur, Krishna, East-West Godavari District Graduates09.02.2019 (Saturday)
5Last Date to prepare manuscripts and print draft electoral rolls20 December 2018 (Thursday)
6Draft publishing of Electoral Rolls01 January 2019 (Tuesday)
7Time to file claims and objections1 January 2019 (Tuesday to 31 January 2019) Thursday)
8Claims and Objections will be settled and appendices will be made and issued by15 February 2019 (Friday)
9Final publication of Electoral Rolls20 February 2019 (Wednesday)

4. Only those candidates who are eligible should enrol their names in the guided Form-18 backed by the supporting documents given above,according to the guidelines and steps listed below:

a) You can send the applications via post to the ERO / Designated Officer / Assistant ERO /  attaching a photostat of your degree or diploma duly signed and verified by the Additional Designated Officer / Gazetted Officer of the involved district/ Designated Officer/ Notary Public. only after rigorous confirmation of the documents with the originals, candidate shall be given acceptance.

b) If you want to submit the application by meeting ERO/ Assistant ERO or Designated Officer or any person rightfully selected for the plan in person, don’t forget to take your originals with you.

5. If you submit the application in which the mentioned above process is not taken care of will immediately be declined by the ERO stating that it is not completely filled.

6. Never send your applications in bulk in person or by post because it will not be taken int0 account for insertion by the ERO. The Head of the Institutions, however, may have to authority to send the applications of all of his team together. Likewise, candidate can submit Form 18 for his other eligible family members, living at the same address and can get the verification of certificate done by showing original certificates of all the family members. Any Applications submitted in bulk by agents, political parties or Resident Associations will not be accepted.

7. Please make a clear note of this thing that if any candidate who writes a statement or declares anything in the application form which is not true and which he is aware of the fact that it is not true, he will be given punishment as per the Section 31 of the Representation of People Act, 1950.

8. You can get the printed application Form-18 from the Offices of ERO/ Designated Officer / AERO. Typewritten, Manuscript, Self Printed or Cyclostyled forms will also be taken into consideration.

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