2019 Cricket World Cup

2019 Cricket World Cup: Will India Win The World in England?

The stage is set now for the biggest festival of the cricketing World in England i.e., 2019 Cricket World Cup. All the lovers of cricket were eagerly waiting for the tournament to Start, and now in just a few Days, the world is going to witness the best of cricket players giving their finest performances in different beautiful grounds of England. Every team is eyeing on the magnificent trophy, months were spent in preparation for the Tournament and now everyone, right from players to the general public can’t wait to see their team holding that sizzling trophy.

2019 Cricket World Cup Poem

Ek  Raastaa  Kehta  Hai  Har  Raahi  Se ,

Chal  Pahuncha  doon Tujhe Manzil  ki Or ,

Raahi  Sochta  hai  Har  Baar yehi,

Manzil  Nirbhar Jispe , Wo  Meri Kismat ki  Dor .

Raaste ne  kaha kismet  bhi  hai  zaroori ,

Lekin  na  rehna  nirbhar uspe  bahut zyada,

Teri manzil  pe pahunchega  tu  mere  zariye ,

Aur  saath  dega  tera  mazboot  irada.

Rahi ne  kaha , sach baat kahi  Raaste ne ,

Apni  Daastan se kara diya mujhe Ehsaas,

Kismat ke saath Raaste ko bhi mehetva doon,

Toh Manzil Door nahi , Lagegi Bahut Paas

The men in blue have left no stone unturned to ensure that all their bases are covered and all the World cup bound players are Ready to Show the world that they have got powers in their dream and their determination is going to help them in fulfilling their dream of holding that amazing 2019 Cricket World Cup in their hands.

This Indian Team is a blend of experience and Young talent. The Skipper of the team, Virat Kohli is confident that he and his Boys will lift the trophy at the Historic Lord’s Ground on July 14th. The last time the Indian team played an ICC Tournament in England was the champions Trophy 2017, in which it managed to reach the final of the tournament. This fact is also going to help Virat and his team in getting confidence that they may perform well in grounds of England. Many Players like Virat, MS Dhoni, Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, etc. are aware of the conditions they will face in England.

The players Know that challenges will be thrown at them and they need to overcome every obstacle which will come in their way. Though there were some questions in minds of people regarding some spots in the team, especially the middle order, but now the picture is clear that the team management has shown faith in Vijay Shankar and Dinesh Karthik to deliver when needed. the spin duo of Yuzvendra Chahal and Kuldeep Yadav are all ready to show the world that they have got all the tricks to deceive the best of batsmen in the opposition in England conditions. The Pace Attack, especially Jasprit Bumrah has already filled fear in the minds of batsmen with dangerous deliveries. The Cricketing Fraternity is still wondering if there is any solution to stop Bumrah. Overall, the team is well settled, and excited to perform well in the tournament.

If we leave out the years of 1975, 1979 and 2007, then in every world cup the Indian team has been a big challenge for other teams. Who can forget the win of 1983, that iconic picture of the Great Kapil Dev holding the trophy in his hands at Lord’s? every time we see that picture or that video, it inspires us and makes us believe in the saying – THE DREAMS DO COME TRUE. That win of 1983 was not just a win, it was a statement, to announce to the world that the time has come for the Indian team to rule the cricketing world with its super performances in the years to come. Similarly, the win of 2011 world cup cannot be forgotten.

That Magnificient 97 runs innings from Gautam Gambhir, those 91 from Dhoni under pressure, and that Last Six from Dhoni, all these memories are still fresh in the minds of every Indian.

This Time also there is Lords Venue, like in 1983, that time it was Kapil Dev, this time it may be Virat Kohli who will hold the Trophy in his Hands

C’ mon, lets cheer for the men in Blue.

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